DAF Connect

DAF trucks can be preliminarily equipped with a DAF Connect remote monitoring module enabling us to offer a complete remote monitoring solution and provide the best results.

DAF Connect provides a solution in the following areas

Driving style

Helps to reduce fuel and machine costs and emissions through the identification of improvement opportunities in driving style such as idling, harsh acceleration and over-revving.


Focus on safe driving measures like pointless speeding, harsh braking, harsh cornering and acceleration, which also improve fuel economy. This helps to reduce the number of accidents and insurance costs, also fuel consumption.

Business intelligence

Dashboard helps you analyse all of the data from your fleet and view vehicle and driver performance trends. This enables better business planning.

Fleet utilisation

Get the most from your assets through real-time visibility, full measurement of usage and dynamic scheduling.

Reducing tachograph management

Eliminate the administrative burden associated with problems with downloading vehicle and driver card data by remote downloading driver’s digital tachograph data.

Operational control data exchange

The in-cab logistics module makes communication with the driver safe, easier and much more efficient.

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DAF Connect

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