DAF Range CF

The New CF is not only the industry’s most versatile truck, it is also a great looking truck both inside and out. New exterior features and the new interior design make it the most appealing, comfortable and enjoyable vehicle to drive.

Superb driver comfort

The New CF includes features that make the cab an even more attractive and comfortable place to work, live and sleep. There are new options allowing you to personalise the interior. We have also introduced numerous innovations that make driving easier, safer and more enjoyable than ever.

Maximum uptime

The CF is already renowned for its high reliability. The new electrical and electronic architecture improves this performance even further. Wiring and connections have all been improved and simplified for the highest reliability and excellent flexibility when it comes to adding auxiliaries. The result is maximum vehicle availability and lower operating costs. Service intervals have also increased to no less than 200,000 kilometres!

Excellent safety and comfort

The New CF comes with enhanced features that not only ensure the highest possible safety of the driver and other road users, but also contribute to vehicle versatility, fuel efficiency and comfort, no matter what business segment you are in.

Technical information

View the virtual cabin here.

View the virtual seat here.

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